One to one in-person canine physiotherapy

Using a science-based holistic approach, I can help restore your dog back to optimal performance.

  • Working dogs, athletes or family pet
  • Help support a range of injuries from varying musculoskeletal to neurological conditions to maintenance treatments. 
  • Reduce pain and improve/ maintain quality of life
  • Aims to quickly return mobility and comfort 
  • Injury prevention


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Working as part of a multi-disciplinary team with your vet to bring together the skills and expertise of different professionals to provide comprehensive care and improve the overall outcomes.


Full Assessment

Taking a comprehensive history of your dog including static, dynamic  and physical assessment.

Manual Therapy

Including myofascial release, soft tissue mobilisation, trigger point therapy, massage and stretching. Kinesiology taping is also available


Electrotherapy options include laser therapy (class 3B), NMES, TENS and therapeutic ultrasound.


Rehab Plans

Providing on-going support & guidance until your dog is back to original function or the desired outcome is reached.


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Why does my dog need physio?

If you have noticed any of the following signs, your dog may need physiotherapy:

  • Support for arthritis 
  • Wound healing 
  • Reluctant to go for a walk
  • Abnormal gait (for example bunny hopping on one/both hindlimbs)
  • Changes in behaviour 
  • Maximising optimal performance
  • Pre and post surgical rehabilitation
  • Poor performance 
  • Training problems 
  • Refusing/knocking jumps 
  • Improve/ maintain quality of life
  • Aid the rehabilitation process after injury
  • Wanting to build strength and fitness 
  • Age related joint stiffness/ mobility problems

Benefits of physio

Using the latest techniques and technology in canine physiotherapy, Beth provides on-going support to return your dog to its optimal performance function.

Benefits include:

  • Eliminating/ reducing pain 
  • Reduce swelling and muscle spasm
  • Improving overall strength and mobility 
  • Encourage healing
  • Quicker recovery times
  • Increased well-being and quality of life
  • Reduced chance of future injury and compensatory injuries 
  • Access to 24-hour professional support and advice during the healing process
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    What to expect

    Here is what to expect when you book an appointment.




    Contact Beth to book a first consultation at our earliest convenience.




    Obtaining veterinary consent form and working with vet to fully understand dogs needs.




    You bring your dog to Squirrels Chase VP where Beth will fully assess the dog and provide initial treatments.




    Together, lay out an appropriate, effective and affordable rehabilitation plan.



    Initial Consulation

    1-hour 30-minutes in-person one to one consultation with initial assessment and treatment. All canine assessments take place at Squirrels Chase canine clinic.


    On-going Treatment

    Specialised 45-minutes in-person one to one sessions providing manual therapy, electrotherapy and progression of the rehab program.


    Discount available for multiple sessions. Inquire for details.

    Please note that appointments outside a 10 mile radius of SL3 will incur a small mileage charge. 

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    It’s not worth the risk to delay treatment.

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    Beth massage

    “Beth was amazing with my border collie, Coco, who can be quite shy around new people. Beth worked with Cacao to help settle her down and be comfortable in her new surroundings and by the end she was relaxed and happily enjoying the treatment, definitely did not want to leave. I would highly recommend Beth!”

    Louisa Frank

    Squirrels Chase VP Clinic

    Squirrels Chase

    Veterinary Physiotherapy

    Canine physiotherapy takes place at our canine clinic based in Fulmer, Buckinghamshire. 

    Squirrels Chase
    Cherry Tree Lane
    SL3 6JE

    The clinic has free parking, indoor seating and refreshments for the owners while you wait. It provides a comfortable and relaxing environment for the dogs to enjoy and focus on their treatment.  

    If you get lost and need directions please contact us on 07442 878945.



    If none of your questions are answered below, please feel free to contact me here.

    How often should my dog have a physiotherapy appointment?

    Frequency of treatment varies between each case. A treatment plan can be devised to suit you as an owner and the severity of the condition being treated.

    Do I need veterinary referral prior to treatment by a veterinary physiotherapist?

    The recent changes made by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) 2020 states that if your dog is currently being treated by a vet for injury, disease or pathology veterinary consent is required. However, veterinary consent is not required for maintenance care.

    What is included in a veterinary physiotherapy session?

    The session will start off with a discussion on the dogs history and any problems you are currently having. This is then followed by a  thorough static, dynamic and palpation assessment. Treatment is then individualised dependant on the findings and history and may include manual therapy, use of electrotherapies and exercise prescription.

    Does insurance cover veterinary physiotherapy?

    Yes, most insurance companies will cover the cost of veterinary physiotherapy. However it is worth contacting your insurance provider prior to treatment to check what your policy covers.

    I am unsure whether my dog might benefit from physiotherapy treatment, what should I do?

    If you are unsure whether physiotherapy would benefit your dog please get in contact where I would be happy to discuss possible treatment options.

    How long does a physiotherapy appointment last?

    The initial consultation normally lasts 1hr30mins. Whereas the follow up appointments normally last 45mins.

    Want to talk about it first?

    Everyone’s situation is different.

    Feel free to contact Beth using the link below to discuss your unique cirumstance.

    Beth is here to help and make sure your dog gets the right treatment it needs.

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